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The most effective strategies for healing, prevention, and optimization.

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Natural Health Experts

We’re believers in alternatives to mainstream medicine: one that doesn’t involve complicated drugs or invasive surgeries. Dr. Harrigan’s research and expertise in natural health have kept him from needing the assistance of a medical doctor for over two decades now! We are a beacon for not just Dr. Tim Harrigan’s family and loved ones but thousands of patients that have come through our doors seeking much-needed guidance.

The Best Ingredients

We want you to have only the best, so we'll never settle on our ingredients.

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We rank highly among our customer's favorites in each product type.


Our products are verified and approved by experts for their safety and effectiveness.


Get Well & Stay Well

We believe our life’s purpose is simple: find and create the most effective, natural, and least invasive solutions to optimize health! Whether you’re an athlete training for peak performance, treating a specific ailment, or just interested in optimizing your health, we have helped people in almost all situations and from all walks of life.


Rigorous Analysis

“Let’s not guess, let’s test!”

We use evidence-based, fine-tuned nutritional protocols to avoid guesswork. Testing devices, labs, blood work, saliva, urine testing, and other diagnostic tools are our way of getting the most impact as we encourage the body to heal on its own.


All-American Products

All of our products are American-made, from their formulation and testing to their delivery. We source our ingredients internationally to ensure you get the best results, but the work takes place in the USA.


Your Health Is Invaluable

There are billions of chemical reactions occurring in the human body every second. Our bodies are the most complex computer system in the world, but we don’t get an owner’s manual to understand what they need. Most people realize the importance of taking a daily vitamin. We want to help close the gap in knowledge about other, much more impactful nutritional categories, such as enzymes, CBD fluid, nitric oxide enhancers, chelated minerals, and many more.
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